It's a big one

Sunday, January 03, 2010

Happy New Decade, everyone!

Change is good

Saturday, May 30, 2009

One week down and I know that the new job is going to be at once challenging and fun. I'll be on information overload for a while, I can tell (and have verified with several inside sources), but I like it. My last couple weeks at my old job proved to me that I made the right decision in leaving. While there are some great people that work there, the 2-3 running the department are passive-aggressive, and arguably borderline incompetent. My boss (of whom I was never a fan) didn't even show up on my last day (a gift really, but still showing her true colors once again).

All of it made my first day at the new job even nicer. People are committed to their jobs, to the organization, and the leadership. It's refreshing actually. My boss is intelligent and approachable and already I enjoy working with her. I think we'll have a great collaborative relationship, which is awesome.

So, although my brain will be tired for months to come, I am glad that I took a risk and made a big change. I hope some of my former coworkers are as proactive and as fortunate since many of them are guaranteed to be laid off. I have my fingers crossed for them, but they also have to be ready to act... sooner rather than later.

Back from the dead

Monday, May 11, 2009

Just a quick update because I'm tired, except I'm thinking that it's been a while since I updated and I should do it while it's in my head rather than forgetting for another few weeks.

The room is finished. Woot! And it looks amazing:

I've moved a bed and desk into the space and am still pondering what to put on the walls, but otherwise it's done. Checked off by building inspection and everything. Still waiting to get reassessed, but whatever.

Also, I accepted a new job. Bigger WOOT for this one. I can't say I've been happy at my current job (there have been departments for which I really liked working, but this one... not so much) and, with budget cuts and layoffs, there were a few catalysts that pushed me harder into the job hunt. As serendipity would have it, my cousin's company had an opening that was right up my alley. I actually will be able to put the last 8 years of public sector experience to work in the private sector (and who says they don't cross over?) doing office administration - policies and procedures, project coordination and management, business analysis, etc. And I can't wait to get started. They don't currently have any administration so it's even more exciting. And I'll never, never... EVER... have to hear someone say: "But we've always done it this way!" If you work in government, you know what I'm talking about!


Tuesday, February 17, 2009

This past weekend was spent tiling the shower. On Saturday, Michael and I completed the entire top half and, on Sunday, we finished the bottom half. All that's left are the small cut pieces at the bottom, the edges and the grout. We started to lay out the floor tile but were too tired so we'll do that later this week.

I stained the pocket door for the bathroom and Clark made a cameo to help install it (much harder than I had anticipated).

I've added more photos to the album (link at right) and I expect more to come by this weekend. We'd like to have the final inspection and reassessment next week if at all possible, especially since we'll be in Oregon the weekend of the 28th.

So close!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Well, the painting is done. I'll paint the trim when the pocket door is in because that still will have to be trimmed out. Hopefully this weekend we'll be able to tile the shower and bathroom floor.

Summing up what's left

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Let's see, today Michael laid the slate in the laundry and installed the plugs and switches. Clark did the finish work on the bathroom window. Here's what's left off the top of my head.

  • Siding - The siding was finished on the side of the house where we moved the window, but needs to be done on the back where we covered an old doorway and made the bathroom window. Then it all needs to be painted.
  • Painting - The laundry room is done (maybe need to touch up a little ghosting, but otherwise, it's good), the bedroom has the first coat of the pale yellow, and the bathroom has one coat on three walls but none on the fourth as the window was just finished and the texture had to dry. So I have to finish the bathroom, do another coat of yellow and then paint the accent wall in the bedroom. Then I'll paint the trim.

  • Doors - We're waiting on the arrival of the pocket door for the bathroom. The door to the garage needs to be painted, the other 3 need to be stained. Door knobs have to be purchased for 2 of them.
  • Flooring - Michael will grout the slate and we'll return the washer/dryer to their rightful home (I call doing the first load of laundry!). Bathroom tile still must be installed (including the shower surround). Carpet will be ordered in the next week or so.
  • Fixtures - Install the shower head and valve, build the floating cabinet for the sink and mount said sink along with the faucet. Purchase and install the toilet. Mount wall plates on the plugs and switches.
  • Lighting - The only unfinished light is in the bedroom. Currently just a bare bulb, it needs a cover.

So, tomorrow, after I go to Home Depot to get one more gallon of the yellow, I'll be trying to finish out the painting. We hope to finish all the necessary elements to have our final inspection (though I'm not sure exactly what they require - probably not carpet, but definitely a finished shower) within the next week.

Color me happy!

Friday, February 06, 2009

I'm really starting to feel like this whole project has a finish line. I know, it's only been 5 weeks, but my house is a mess (Michael says, "It's a construction zone!") and I can't wait to walk into that room and see a guest bed instead of saw horses. :o)

Here are some updated photos (you can see more on the album).

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